Secrets of the Teenage Brain

Secrets of the Teenage Brain (3 Part Series)

a) Secrets of the Teenage Brain (Series 1/3)

This workshop is most suitable for parents with teenagers. 

Teenagers are perplexing, intriguing, and spirited creatures. To no one’s surprise, research has shown that the teenage brain is under heavy construction! These discoveries can help parents understand the (until now) unexplainable teenager.

Research based strategies for reaching teens will be discussed in this hands-on workshop.  Our time together will offer parents fresh strategies that work for engaging erratic, distracted, and often-unpredictable teenagers. 

Topics that will be discussed will include:

  1. The benefits and challenges of raising adolescents
  2. The teenage brain
  3. The key issues affecting cognition and adolescent learners’ emotional, social, physical, and spiritual well-being
  4. Strategies and ideas to help parents navigate the teenage years

This workshop is usually limited to 12 spaces due to the hands-on activities involved. 

b) Making Sense of Anxiety and Its Effects on the Teenage Brain (Series 2/3)

Topics that will be discussed will include:

  1. Types of anxiety disorders
  2. Vulnerability of the teenage brain
  3. Environmental factors and daily habits that influence teenage brains
  4. Effect ways to treat anxiety

c) Trauma and Healing the Teenage Brain (Series 3/3)

Topics that will be discussed will include:

  1. Identifying trauma
  2. How teens respond to trauma
  3. Helping your teen deal with trauma
  4. Trauma and addiction
  5. Healing the teenage brain


A certificate will be given when workshop series 1-3 is completed

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