Planning Towards Graduation and Beyond

BC’s Grade 10-12 Graduation Program.


This workshop is most suitable for parents in grades 8-12.

 What will my child be when they grow up?  What career will then engage in?  What University/College/Vocation can they apply to?  This workshop will focus on educating parents on how to journey with their child from Grade 10 to Grade 12. Through this hour, parents will be able to learn how to map out their child’s educational journey and how to help them in course selection.  Also, parents will be more familiar with the BC Graduation Program and gain resources to further research Post-Secondary and scholarship opportunities.  

 Topics that will be discussed:

  1. Job titles and what it all means
  2. Planning 10-12 courses 
  3. Planning for Post-Secondary and beyond
  4. Resources to access Scholarships and Financial AidHow best to support your child

 This workshop is usually limited to 15 spaces.  

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