Practical Shepherding 101

Our Practical Shepherding 101 workshop is an intense practical training for pastors, ministry leaders, and lay ministers that focus on the life of a minister to “Pay careful attention to yourself and your flock” (Acts 20:28).  This workshop can be used for a variety of different events (retreats, meetings, fellowship, core ministry team building, etc).

This workshop will focus on 4 main areas:

1) The Pastor’s Soul:

Ironically, the soul most neglected in the midst of pastoral ministry is often the very soul of the pastor.  This session focuses on the biblical, internal calling of a pastor and how a pastor intentionally cares for his own heart, mind, and soul throughout the rigors of pastoral ministry.

2) The Pastor’s Ministry:

There are so many pressures and demands on the pastor’s schedule.  This session helps highlight the main biblical priorities of every pastor’s ministry and how to discern the daily activities that should primarily take up a pastor’s time.

3) The Pastor’s Family:

Pastors often neglect their families and place them on the altars of their ministries.  This session is designed to call pastors first to shepherd their families before their flock and how a pastor can shepherd his wife and children through the unique challenges they each face with his ministry.

4) The Pastor’s Journey:

This section, pastors will be provided an opportunity to reflect on their journey.  They will be able to listen to honest stories about church ministry and shepherding others.  Participates will hopefully be able to learn more about themselves and gain some insight on their own journey.    

This workshop works best with small groups of 4-8 people. 

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