Anxiety 101

This workshop is most suitable for those who want to understand anxiety in children/youth. 

There is currently an epidemic of anxiety affecting children/youth, which can take many forms including obsessions, compulsions, phobias, panic, sleep issues, physical illnesses, as well as a host of perplexing behaviours. Today’s world can create many challenges for adolescents with school pressures, peer interactions, family dynamics, negative self-image, perfectionism, and many other stressors that impede a teen’s ability to learn and mature. Whether it’s the natural, episodic worries or more profound and crippling versions of anxiety, this workshop will help make sense of the roots of anxiety and will suggest ways in which educators, helping professionals, and parents can help support adolescents experiencing anxiety.

This workshop will focus on making sense of the world of anxiety for children as they experience it.  We will discuss the roots of anxiety and use our understanding of such to inform knowledgeable responses and supports for the children we are growing up who might be struggling with too much worry. The goal will be to provide participants with a developmentally sensitive and practical approach to understanding worry and transforming it into wonder.

Learning Objectives:

  • Help professionals and parents make sense of the roots of anxiety
  • List common vulnerabilities which teens face that are too much to bear and outline how the brain defends against this wounding
  • Provide solutions to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and help the teen mature
  • Supporting anxious children in the school, church, community setting

This workshop is usually limited to 20 spaces.

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