Training Workshops

Training Workshops for Pastors and Church Leadership:

  1. Practical Shepherding 101
  2. Integrating Psychology and Theology 101
  3. What Kind of Psychotherapy and When?
  4. Emotional Growth for a Lifetime
  5. Pastoring for Mental Health
  6. A Cultural Narrative Psychology of Asian Churches in North America
  7. Integrating Psychotherapy and Christianity:  An Introduction
  8. The Art of Contemplative Listening in Church Ministry

Training Workshops for Ministry Leaders:

  1. Mental Health 101: Identifying and responding to community members in distress
  2. Anxiety 101
  3. Suicide Prevention Training 101
  4. Stress Management Training 101
  5. Supporting Refugees 101
  6. Being a Trauma-Informed Congregation

Training Workshops for Parents:

  1. Parenting
  2. STEP – Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (4-6-8 weeks)
  3. Secrets of the Teenage Brain (3 Part Series)
    • Secrets of the Teenage Brain (Series 1/3)
    • Making Sense of Anxiety and Its Effects on the Teenage Brain (Series 2/3)
    • Trauma and Healing the Teenage Brain (Series 3/3)
  4. Parenting Gifted Teens
  5. Educating Children in Canada
  6. Planning Towards Graduation and Beyond:  BC’s Grade 10-12 Graduation Program
  7. Managing Post-partum Depression

Training Workshops for Children, Teens/Young Adults:

  1. Managing Stress & Anxiety
  2. Dating & Relationships
  3. Struggling with Anger

Other Topics

We are more than happy to customize a presentation to fit your specific requirements.


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