Pastors and Counsellors in Consultation

Soma would like to provide support to pastors as they minister in their congregation. The role of ministry is complex and multi-faceted. Pastors find themselves involved in a myriad of situations that call for much wisdom as they seek to respond to people in need.

Our counsellors can support pastors in a variety of ways:

  •   Pastors regularly refer people for counselling services at Soma.
  •   Pastors contact Soma for consultation pertaining to challenging situations that they face within the congregation. The role of consultation is to provide feedback, perspective, and problem-solving, which enables the pastor to obtain the clarity and direction that they need to proceed.
  •   Pastors contact Soma for personal counselling and/or spiritual direction. The work of ministry impacts a pastor’s sense of self and at times their well-being.  Pastors seek counselling to address issues of their own healing so that they can continue to minister from a place of deeply rooted personal and spiritual health.
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