David Lee

Registered Clinical Counsellor

BA (NBTC), MA-MFT (TWU), MDiv (Regent College), RCC

David has served as a pastor in the Vancouver area over the past 18 years, and as a therapist since 2013. He brings gentleness, a non-judgemental attitude, acceptance, and a strong belief in the great value of each person into his relationships and counselling practice.  David is skilled in helping clients see and embrace their own belovedness in the midst of accepting their brokenness, thus creating a pathway for movement and change.

Throughout his own life and family of origin, David has witnessed the truth that brokenness is indeed a reality that touches every person and home in some way. But the beauty that has embraced David again and again is the bigger truth that our broken stories are found in the larger Story of redemption and shaped by the One writing it. It is out of this personal ‘story’ that David pursued a call to pastoral ministry and later clinical counselling. After graduating with a Master of Divinity degree from Regent, David began serving as a full-time associate pastor in an inner-city church in Vancouver’s eastside. It was during this time that David sensed a call to be equipped with the tools and heart for counselling. The Bible’s painting of the big picture of theology and anthropology was clear, but David found himself hungering to help unpack the Gospel in nuanced ways that can help people experience the Gospel in the midst of the pain they are experiencing. This broadening of calling led David to pursue studies at ACTS of Trinity Western University where he completed a Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy.  This shift in his journey also led David back to his home church, Living Hope Fellowship, where he continues to serves as a pastor to youth and families.

David’s specialization is in marriage and family therapy, and also includes trauma work, whether it be related to specific events or traumatic experiences that have taken shape through broken relational bonds.  David, in his own life and family, has experienced the power of slowing down and being present to oneself, and out of that, being present to another in a way that creates healing connections. This an important way he seeks to work with clients as they seek to move through issues such as shame, self-hate, trauma, abuse, addictions, relational conflict, couple therapy, and parenting children.  Through gaining understanding of our own ‘story’ and family history, we are empowered to locate ourselves and our brokenness within this story and make some sense of it; building on this understanding, we work towards integrating our emotions and experiences in the present and being ‘present’ to them (as Christ is to us). As this happens, we have the opportunity to be released from the tyranny of being stuck in ‘chaos’ or in ‘inflexibility’ and we can be strengthened to be good choice makers in our relationships and personal lives. Some of David’s key therapeutic orientations include interpersonal neurobiology; emotionally focused therapy; mindful parenting; and family systems counselling.

David is married to his beautiful wife of nearly 15 years, Michele, who is studying to be a nurse, and they are raising 3 amazing elementary aged children. As is the vision of Soma, healing that is grounded in Jesus has shaped, and continues to shape, who David is and his calling to the therapeutic process. He looks forward to working with clients in seeking the same through community, counselling, and change.