A Gift for Your Family: An Evening of Family Workshops


For many people, Christmas is an overwhelming season of decorating, partying, and gifting.  The season is usually announced with bright lights, loud music, and impressive events.

The season of Advent (from the Latin word “adventus”, meaning “coming”) is the time of preparation for Christ’s arrival as a small, vulnerable baby.  Our God, the Creator of our Universe, chose to come to us on a silent night, in meekness.

Every year, it begins on the Sunday closest to the last day in November.  This year, it will begin on November 27th.

As the day draws closer, make a decision to do something different!  Instead of turning to the ‘noise’ of this season that so often creates stress and anxiety – slow down, be still, listen and clear room in our minds and hearts for Jesus.


How are you and your family preparing for Advent?

As a resource for your ministry, we invite you to join us for an evening of family workshops on December 9th, hosted at Immanuel Baptist Church in South Vancouver.

Our hope is that this evening will be a gift to you and your family.

If interested, please contact Grace Voo, Clinic Director at grace@somacounselling.com or register through info@somacounselling.com


A Gift for Your Family:  An Evening of Family Workshops

Soma Counselling and Family Resources is proud to present an evening during advent with Mrs. Grace Voo, RCC, CCC (Secrets of the Teenage Brain [Condensed Version]) and Dr. Edward Ng, RCC (Loving Couples, Loving Stories).  These well-received seminars blend principles of Christ-centered discipleship, current psychological research and practical strategies to help your family and relationships thrive in the new year ahead. The seminars will be simultaneously presented, but will be repeated and attendees will have time to attend both in one evening.


For:  Parents (of children of all ages), couples, pastors, Sunday School teachers, and ministry leaders who are looking for new approaches to the age-old question of “how do we do this?”

Date:  Friday, Dec 9th, 2016

Time:  7:30-9:30pm

Location:  Immanuel Baptist Church, 109 East 40th Avenue, Vancouver

Cost:  Suggested donation of $20 per couple, $15 per individual (collected at the door)

(Receipts for Extended Health provided upon request)



Soma’s mission is to bring healing into faith communities, by partnering with and equipping churches to administer Jesus-centered healing. 

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